My name is Ben Carpenter, and I am owner and operator of Ben Carpenter Films. I am originally from the great state of Wisconsin. I  have worked as a filmmaker for the past 6-7 years of my life, producing films for education, corporations, events and just for fun! I greatly enjoy being behind a camera and lens. I love expressing ideas with my camera, and with cinema. I originally started working as a film editor in 9th grade and since then have grown to shooting with large studios and producing videos by myself for my own clients. Please check out my work. I have posted a wide variety of films in portfolio from my demo reel, to films shot for commercial purposes to films I simply did because I shot for my own enjoyment. Also check out my blog for some more info on things I am shooting!



Films allow people to express ideas and emotions like no other medium. That is why I love filmmaking. I have worked in photography, music and marketing over the past several years of my life, and I have yet to see a medium that brings together the visual, audible, and ideological like films do. We live in an amazing age, an age that allows you to express your ideas to a large amount of people almost instantaneously. An age  that allows one to create a film that is both artistic, and relevant in a short amount of time and with a limited amount of cost. That is why I exist.


How do you get a film made? So many people supposedly shoot films now a days. I don't blame them! One can build a film using his smart phone or a  DSLR, and it is a blast! The technology is readily available, but that does not mean the artist is readily available. Not all who claim to be filmmakers have the experience that is needed to build a film correctly. Through my experience I will be able to deliver a quality product that properly portrays your idea or special occasion. My mission is to provide artistic and relevant films  that are both affordable and easily accessible.  How do I do this you might ask? Well, first off I try my best to accomplish every project with as little expensive resources as possible. This requires me to be extremely proficient in what I do. I practice and am extremely familiar with my equipment, and at the same time I know what I want artistically. This allows me to charge less than a full studio. Second, I try to own all of my own equipment, from cameras and lenses, to jibs, sliders and lighting. Owning my equipment keeps my prices down since I don't have to rent the majority of my equipment for each gig. So you want a quality film, but your don't want to break the bank? Let me know!


Ben Carpenter