The Valet E30

While running to one of my frequent spots that I meet clients (yes it involves coffee). I ran into this delightful E30 325i coupe. It was parked in valet parking. By putting Rancho Mirage, CA and Valet parking together I assumed it belonged to someone mature in years that had bought it brand new off the lot back in the late 80s and had kept it with utmost care over the course of the past couple decades or so. To my surprise I was wrong. This beauty belongs to a younger fellow E30 enthusiast by the name of Bryant, the valet. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to get the whole story on the car since Bryant was on the job, but I hope to see more of his car. This is by far one of the cleanest and closest to OEM spec E30 specimens I have encountered in the Coachella Valley. It was a beauty to behold!