Like all of our films, we strive to tell a story. One might be used to the typical “wedding video,” but that is not what we do. Our wedding films combine beautiful imagery, well thought out shots, and storyboarded timelines similar to what you would be accustom to seeing on the big screen. Since each couple has a different story to tell, and a different set of needs in their wedding film all of my wedding packages are à la carte. My à la carte packages are broken up into four groups of options; Coverage, Edits, Add-ons, and Deliverables. This allows you to pick and choose the correct set of options that fit your needs. Of course, this will take some coaching, and you won’t be alone in this process! We have done our best to simplify these options, but if there is something that doesn't exist here feel free to ask.


The Basics - Ceremony & Dances - $1000

This includes coverage of your ceremony by two cameras beginning to end along with coverage of the first dances and introductions.

The Feature - Full Day Coverage $1500

Full day coverage ensures that we capture everything on your special day. Full day coverage includes up to 8 hours of coverage until 10:30 pm by two camera operators. We cover everything from getting ready, cinematic scenes of venue & locations, to the ceremony, dances, after party, and get away.


The Basics - Ceremony & Dances Basic Edit - $500

The basics edit is a simple edit of your ceremony with footage of guests arriving, and all of your first dances and introductions.

The Trailer- Highlights Film - $500

Our Highlights film is a cinematic trailer type film perfect for sharing with friends and family. This type of edit is 3-5 minutes in length and features shots of your entire day from getting ready, venue, ceremony, reception, and get away. Full coverage is required for this, and the "Day of Cinematic session" along with the pre-wedding interviews with the bride & groom are recommended add-ons.

The Feature - Full Cinematic Feature $1250

Our full cinematic feature film tells your wedding day story from beginning to end. This feature film tends to be 13-15 minutes in length. Our full feature cinematic film is a sophisticated edit you would normally see on the big screen. This edit makes the most of all of the beautiful footage captured throughout your day. This film will include all of the high points of your day including getting ready, ceremony highlights, reception highlights, and more. In order to make the most of this kind of edit we highly recommend that you include at least the Bride & Groom pre-wedding interviews, and the Day of Cinematic session.


Bride & Groom Pre-Wedding Interviews $450

We know you have a unique story because all couples do! The pre-wedding interview add-on gives you the ability to capture the emotion and suspense leading up to the big day while looking back and reflecting on what brought you together. These interviews can be incorporated into the Highlight film and Feature Film edits. We highly recommend these interviews for the feature film!

Pre-Wedding cinematic highlight session $350

Our Pre-Wedding cinematic highlight session fits well with our feature film edit, by connecting you outside of your wedding day to the wedding day. Think of this as something similar to an engagement photo session.

Day of Cinematic Session $350

This is a highly recommended add-on to the Highlight and or Feature Film edits. The day of cinematic session is a quick session during the wedding day that includes capturing posed shots of the bride and groom in the location of their wedding. This add-on captures your emotion and look of your wedding day.

Guest &Wedding party interviews $350

Remember those who came to share your special day with you by capturing best wishes, funny stories, and anecdotes from your guests and wedding party. This add-on can be included with the Highlight Film and or Feature Film or delivered as a separate video montage.


Digital Files (delivered on a USB drive)  

We deliver all of your weddings films as digital files to you on a USB thumb drive. One USB thumb drive and copy of your wedding is included with any of our edits.

Additional USB drive $50